The Job Log of Blood on the Lintels, or, Things I Couldn't Pass Over.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Brent Graber's Monthly Job Log

An imprecise, but accurate on the whole, job accounting.

76 days summarized below

*** Summary in Hours *** 
  Time at AMBS:672h 24m 23s
  Time Working:611h 35m 26s
   Planned: 295h 12m 28s
    Projects/Tasks: 157h 38m 40s
    Meetings: 37h 13m 44s
    Reading/Research: 72h 1m 46s
    Communication: 20h 37m 17s
    House cleaning: 7h 41m 1s
   Unplanned: 237h 24m 14s
    Distraction: 0h 0m 0s
    Interruption: 20h 36m 0s
    Projects/Tasks: 216h 48m 14s
   Other Work: 78h 58m 31s
    Non-work Work: 47h 14m 28s
    Community Life: 31h 44m 3s
   Unspecified: 0h 0m 13s
  Personal/Break:60h 48m 57s
  Average Daily Time at AMBS:8h 50m 50s
  Average Daily Working Time:8h 2m 50s

*** Summary in Percent *** 
  Time Working:90.96%
   Planned: 48.27%
    Projects/Tasks: 53.40%
    Meetings: 12.61%
    Reading/Research: 24.40%
    Communication: 6.99%
    House cleaning: 2.60%
   Unplanned: 38.82%
    Distraction: 0.00%
    Interruption: 8.68%
    Projects/Tasks: 91.32%
   Other Work: 12.91%
    Non-work Work: 59.82%
    Community Life: 40.18%
   Unspecified: 0.00%