The Job Log of Blood on the Lintels, or, Things I Couldn't Pass Over.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Brent Graber's Monthly Job Log

An imprecise, but accurate on the whole, job accounting.

39 days summarized below.

** Summary in Hours **
Time at AMBS: 363h 56m 29s
Time working: 343h 21m 48s
  Administration: 70h 32m 47s
  Meetings: 30h 15m 57s
  Proper: 25h 14m 44s
  Related: 5h 1m 13s
  Budget: 3h 59m 23s
  Planning/Monitoring: 0h 0m 0s
  Ordering: 3h 59m 23s
  Budget: 12h 10m 50s
  Training: 12h 10m 50s
  Supervision: 0h 0m 0s
  Reading/Research: 28h 37m 36s
  Operations: 214h 3m 29s
  Projects: 0h 51m 26s
  AV: 20h 56m 0s
  Help Request: 156h 12m 37s
  Routine: 14h 42m 0s
  Impromptu Task: 13h 30m 59s
  Planned Task: 3h 57m 22s
  Miscategorized: 3h 53m 5s
  Non-prescribed Work: 46h 34m 42s
  Meta-work: 15h 31m 8s
  Community Life: 11h 11m 12s
  Communication: 19h 52m 22s
  Break/Personal: 20h 34m 41s

** Percentages **
Time at AMBS: 100%
Time working: 94%
  Administration: 21%
  Meetings: 43%
  Proper: 83%
  Related: 17%
  Budget: 6%
  Planning/Monitoring: 0%
  Ordering: 100%
  Budget: 4%
  Training: 100%
  Supervision: 0%
  Reading/Research: 41%
  Operations: 62%
  Projects: 0%
  AV: 10%
  Help Request: 73%
  Routine: 0%
  Impromptu Task: 6%
  Planned Task: 2%
  Miscategorized: 2%
  Non-prescribed Work: 14%
  Meta-work: 33%
  Community Life: 24%
  Communication: 43%
  Break/Personal: 6%