The Job Log of Blood on the Lintels, or, Things I Couldn't Pass Over.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Work Summary for May, 2008

17 days summarized below

*** Summary in Hours *** 
  Time at AMBS:164h 49m 35s
  Time Working:146h 53m 42s
   Planned: 67h 49m 36s
    Projects/Tasks: 36h 15m 54s
    Meetings: 13h 31m 30s
    Reading/Research: 5h 29m 29s
    Communication: 11h 5m 12s
    House cleaning: 1h 27m 31s
   Unplanned: 71h 59m 43s
    Distraction: 0h 38m 27s
    Interruption: 18h 17m 24s
    Projects/Tasks: 53h 3m 52s
   Other Work: 7h 4m 23s
    Non-work Work: 0h 51m 8s
    Community Life: 6h 13m 15s
   Unspecified: 0h 0m 0s
  Personal/Break:17h 55m 53s
  Average Daily Time at AMBS:9h 41m 44s
  Average Daily Working Time:8h 38m 27s

*** Summary in Percent *** 
  Time Working:89.12%
   Planned: 46.17%
    Projects/Tasks: 53.47%
    Meetings: 19.94%
    Reading/Research: 8.10%
    Communication: 16.35%
    House cleaning: 2.15%
   Unplanned: 49.01%
    Distraction: 0.89%
    Interruption: 25.40%
    Projects/Tasks: 73.71%
   Other Work: 4.82%
    Non-work Work: 12.05%
    Community Life: 87.95%
   Unspecified: 0.00%